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Our classroom coaching techniques involve a One on Ten strategy, which goes on with one teacher handling a group of not more than 10 students at a time.

Our class of about 1 and a half hour time involves :

1. Concept Introduction: Teacher introduces the concept to the students using real life examples to make it easy to understand and grasp on a quick note.

2. Concept Conclusion : Teacher concludes the session with a summary of all the important points to be remembered along with the necessary home assignments.

3. Concept Refreshment : Teacher revises the concept on a daily/weekly basis, and assures that the student gains maximum out of the content delivered.

4. Concept Evaluation : Teacher analyses the performance of the student through weekly/ monthly tests and uses feedback discussions with student and parents both to ensure that the student performs with the best and gains as per the expectations of parents.

5. Concept Enhancement : After analysis of the evaluation, teacher decides about the extra efforts to be put in, so that any of the difficult concepts can be practised well which makes the student feel comfortable with the studies.

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